Brigham Young

Latter-day Prophets

Second President of the Church, 1847–1877

Testimony of Joseph Smith

“I am a witness that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. . . . He was a man of God and had the revelations of Jesus Christ, and the words of Jesus Christ to the people. He did build and establish the kingdom of God on earth, and through him the Lord Almighty again restored the priesthood to the children of men. . . .

“I am a witness of this; and all who will hear the voice of the servants of God, pay attention to what they say and obey the commandments given to the people, shall receive a testimony and know that we tell them the truth, that Joseph is a prophet of God, and did actually finish the work which the Lord gave him to do, sealed his testimony with his blood, and has gone to dwell in the world of spirits” (Deseret News, Feb. 27, 1856, 403).