David O. McKay

Latter-day Prophets

Ninth President of the Church, 1951–1970

Testimony of Joseph Smith

“[Many years ago] Joseph Smith, a mere boy between fourteen and fifteen years of age, declared that, in answer to prayer, he received a revelation from God. His declaration was simple, but positive; and he was surprised when men doubted its truth. To him his claim was but the statement of a simple fact; to the Christian world it proved to be a lightning flash that, striking, weakened their religious structure from turret to foundation. . . .

“His claim to revelation from God, if established, leaves no doubt as to his authority to organize the Church of Christ upon earth, and to administer authoritatively the principles and ordinances thereof. Thus at the very inception of this great latter-day work was laid the immoveable corner-stone of Christ’s Church in this dispensation, viz., the authority to officiate in the name of Jesus Christ in things pertaining to his Church” (“Joseph Smith—His Source of Knowledge,” Millennial Star, Feb. 8, 1923, 88–89).