Howard Coray


Clerk and Scribe for Joseph Smith

Testimony of Joseph Smith

“I . . . became acquainted with the Prophet—heard him preach and saw him conduct the April Conference of 1840. The power and wisdom that he displayed on this occasion was more evidence. . . . I have studied the Gospel as revealed by Joseph Smith and wondered if it were possible for any one unaided by the spirit of God to have revealed such a system of salvation and exaltation for man. My conclusion is in the negative. I sat and listened to his preaching at the stand in Nauvoo a great many times when I have been completely carried away with his indescribable eloquence—power of expression—speaking as I have never heard any other man speak” (Howard Coray letter, Sanford, Colorado, to Martha Jane Lewis, 1889 August 2, Church History Library, Salt Lake City).