M. Russell Ballard

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Apostle, 1985–present

Testimony of Joseph Smith

“Joseph Smith’s name is very dear to all faithful Latter-day Saints. His name is especially dear to me and my family because we are blessed to claim his older brother Hyrum as our forefather.

“We often think of that day in 1805, just two days before Christmas, when the Prophet Joseph Smith was born in a humble home in the rolling hills of Vermont. More than 195 years have passed since his birth. On 27 June of each year, we acknowledge the day Joseph and Hyrum were martyred in Carthage Jail. As we face our own trials in future years, we must always remember Joseph Smith’s perseverance in the face of incredible hardships and opposition to bring forth the restored Church of Jesus Christ” (“Anchored by Faith and Commitment,” Liahona, August 2001, 32).