Elkhorn River Crossing

Distance: 293 miles from Nauvoo

This was one of the major river crossings faced by westbound emigrants coming from Winter Quarters.

Journal Entry

William I. Appleby

July 15, 1847

"Pursued our journey about 18 miles. Arrived at the Elkhorn River, where we found Capt. Dan Jones encamped with the Welsh company of Saints, and Capt. Silas Richards with his company of fifty, encamped about three miles west of the Elkhorn, awaiting our arrival."

18 July 1848

"Having got all our wagons and cattle safely over the river, the camp moved forward about three miles, and encamped for the night where pasture was good and plenty. About twelve o'clock at night a general rush or stampede was made by the cattle, taking some fright. They passed the guards and ran towards the river.

Every man in camp was summoned to turn out, and with arms in their hands, assist in bringing them back. In about an hour or two the horsemen had headed them, and we got them returned back to camp, oxen, cows, etc., and placed an additional guard around them. We had the good fortune not to lose any of them" (Journal of William I. Appleby, 15, 18 July 1849 as printed in the Journal History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 27 Oct. 1849, 77:1).