• Meet the Artists

    • The three artists selected for this exhibition—Lee Udall Bennion, Brian Kershisnik, and Kathleen Peterson—were selected because they consistently depict women as ennobled while simultaneously celebrating the importance of their everyday lives. These women are not painted as ideal or placed on a pedestal; rather, they are authentic, noble, everyday daughters of God.

    • Lee Udall Bennion

      Lee Udall Bennion studied painting at Brigham Young University and is married to the ceramist Joe Bennion. She lives in Spring City, Utah, and has won numerous honors and awards for her art.

    • Interview with Lee Udall Bennion
    • Brian Kershisnik

      The first time Brian Kershisnik picked up a paintbrush was in Bennion’s studio, a formative moment that went on to shape his career as an artist. His artwork is in the collections of major institutions throughout the state, and a book has been published about his work—Brian Kershisnik: Paintings from Life.

    • Interview with Brian Kershisnik
    • Kathleen Peterson

      Kathleen Peterson also lives in Spring City and works in a wide variety of media—oil, watercolor, batik, and clay. She has illustrated several books, including a forthcoming one on women in the Bible.

    • Interview Kathleen Peterson