Saints FAQ

Q: Is Saints an official history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

A: Yes. The First Presidency has said, “We encourage all to read the book and make use of the supplementary material available online.” They continued, “We pray that this volume will enlarge your understanding of the past, strengthen your faith, and help you make and keep the covenants that lead to exaltation and eternal life.” Read the entire statement of the First Presidency.

Q: Who is the author of Saints?

A: There is no single author of Saints. The books are written under the direction of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. A list of contributors to the first volume can be found here. Other contributors are acknowledged here. A list of contributors to the second volume can be found here. Other contributors are acknowledged here

Q: How many volumes will there be in the Saints series?
Q:  When will volumes 3 and 4 of Saints be released?

A: The publication date for Saints, Volume 3 is April 22, 2022. Volume 4 will follow about two years later.

Q: Is Saints “historical fiction”?

A: No. Saints is written in a narrative style, but all the people, places, and events described are real and supported by historical sources. This introduction to the books explains more.

Q: What are the historical sources behind the stories in Saints?

A: A complete list of sources cited are available for each volume. See: Volume 1 Sources, Volume 2 Sources.

Q: Where can I learn more about topics discussed in Saints?

A: More than one hundred Church History Topics are found in the endnotes in Saints. These short articles explore in more detail the topics in Saints and provide links to additional resources where you can continue your study. To learn more about Church History Topics, see the Introduction to Church History Topics.

Q: Saints references multiple accounts of the First Vision. Where can I learn more?

A: Each of Joseph Smith’s firsthand accounts is available in the Gospel Library.

Q: What does Saints have to say about Book of Mormon geography?

A: Saints does not make claims about Book of Mormon geography. For further information on this question, see here.

Q: Where can I download the entire audiobook to play offline?

A: The audiobook can be downloaded in the Media Library on You can also download the e-books there.

Q: Is Saints available in other languages?
Q: Is the Saints Face to Face event with Elder Quentin L. Cook available online?

A: Yes. A recording of the broadcast is available in 12 languages.

Q: Where can I find the Saints Podcast?

A: The Saints Podcast is available on the Latter-day Saints Channel, iTunes, Google, Spotify, and as an RSS feed.