Harold B. Lee

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Harold B. Lee, 11th President of the Church

Harold B. Lee was born on March 28, 1899, in Clifton, Idaho. In Idaho and later in Utah, he developed careers in education, business, and government. As president of the Salt Lake Pioneer Stake of the Church during the Great Depression, he initiated a program of self-help and relief that grew into the Welfare System of the Church. After his call to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in 1941, he continued to work with the Welfare Program, which served needy individuals and communities in many countries. He initiated organizational changes to improve the coordination of efforts at Church headquarters and among all Latter-day Saint congregations. These helped the Church prepare for its rapid expansion of members, activities, and influence of the decades which followed. He became President of the Church on July 7, 1972. As Church President, he traveled often and frequently addressed the youth of the Church. After only 18 months as Church President, Harold B. Lee died on December 26, 1973, in Salt Lake City.

Harold B. Lee Videos

Testimony of Harold B. Lee
Harold B. Lee testifies that the Lord is not an absentee Master but that He stands at the head of the Church. (1:50)
Preparation of Harold B. Lee: Learning to Care for the Needy
As a stake president and during the Depression, Harold B. Lee strives to care for the poverty-stricken members of his stake. (3:29)
Preparation of Harold B. Lee: Boyhood Revelation
As a boy, Harold is warned by an unseen voice to stay away from an old barn. (1:25)
Ministry of Harold B. Lee: Organizing the Church Welfare Program
Harold B. Lee is called to help oversee the Church Welfare Program, following the existing organization and purposes of the priesthood. (2:53)
Ministry of Harold B. Lee: Priesthood Correlation is Created
Under the direction of President David O. McKay, Elder Harold B. Lee is called to oversee the affairs of Church Correlation, that the homes and families of the Church may be blessed. (1:43)
Ministry of Harold B. Lee: The Purposes of Priesthood Correlation
President Harold B. Lee teaches that the long-range purposes of Church Correlation are to strengthen the home, strengthen the priesthood quorums, and promote faith and testimony in the Church. (1:19)
Teachings of Harold B. Lee: Protecting the Home, Marriage, and Family
President Lee teaches of the importance of strengthening families by teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in the home. (1:37)
Teachings of Harold B. Lee: Safety in Obeying God’s Commandments
President Lee urges members to obey the counsel of Church leaders. (1:21)
Teachings of Harold B. Lee: Obedience Learned Through Suffering
In the deaths of his wife and daugther, Harold B. Lee learns compassion and submission. (1:33)

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