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Joseph F. Smith, Sixth President of the Church

Joseph F. Smith was born November 13, 1838, in Far West, Missouri. In 1844, his father, Hyrum Smith, was martyred along with his uncle, the Prophet Joseph Smith. Young Joseph F. Smith helped his mother, Mary Fielding Smith, migrate to Utah in 1848 and establish a house in Salt Lake City. After she died in 1852, he began a life of service to the Church. In addition to his many religious duties, he served in Utah’s territorial legislature from 1865 to 1874.

He became President of the Church on October 17, 1901. While ushering the Church into the 20th century, Joseph F. Smith brought Latter-day Saints to a better appreciation of early Church history. He worked to improve the public image of the Church by developing important Church historical sites in New York, Missouri, and Illinois, building a visitors’ bureau, and expanding Church missionary and educational systems. He clarified important doctrines, served numerous missions, and directed the construction of a new headquarters complex for an expanding Church. After 17 years as Church President, Joseph F. Smith died on November 19, 1918, in Salt Lake City.

Joseph F. Smith Videos

Testimony of Joseph F. Smith
Recorded in his own voice, Joseph F. Smith admonishes Church members to serve faithfully and to know that he is firm in the faith. (0:44)
Preparation of Joseph F. Smith: True Blue, Through and Through
Joseph F. Smith faces an unruly mob and declares fearlessly his membership in the Church. (1:31)
Preparation of Joseph F. Smith: I Am Clean
Joseph F. Smith recounts a vision received as a young missionary in Hawaii that reinforces the love of family and the importance of living a clean life. (2:16)
Preparation of Joseph F. Smith: The Example of a Mother
After the passing of both parents, young Joseph F. Smith remembers the love and teachings of his mother, Mary Fielding Smith. (1:53)
Ministry of Joseph F. Smith: A Vision of the Redemption of the Dead
Nearing death, President Joseph F. Smith receives revelation from God regarding redemption of the dead. (3:06)
Ministry of Joseph F. Smith: The Church Under National Scrutiny
President Joseph F. Smith, in Washington, D.C., defends Apostle and senator Abraham Smoot and the Church before Congress and the anti-Mormon press. (1:46)
Ministry of Joseph F. Smith: Family Home Evening Inaugurated
Joseph F. Smith defends the home and family and invites Church members to join him in setting aside weekly time solely for family activity and instruction. (1:47)
Teachings of Joseph F. Smith: The Origin of Man
President Joseph F. Smith, with the First Presidency, issues a document titled “The Origin of Man,” summarizing the relationship between God and man. (1:52)
Teachings of Joseph F. Smith: The Divine Nature of Home and Family
Joseph F. Smith teaches of the divine role of parents and family and of the importance of raising children in love and spiritual instruction. (2:17)
Teachings of Joseph F. Smith: The Doctrine of the Godhead
President Joseph F. Smith, with the First Presidency, issues a doctrinal exposition on the Godhead, affirming their unity and the distinct roles each member plays in the salvation of men. (1:26)

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