Missionary Database

    Alexander Williams

    United States

    • June 1843–Unknown
    • Age Called: 39
    • United States
    • Set Apart: 5 June 1843
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Priesthood office: High Priest
    • Notes: Was a High Priest and attended a conference held in Buffalo, New York, Sept. 1, 1843

    Stories and Documents

    Mormon Pioneer Overland Travels Database, Alexander Williams.

    Williams, Alexander Birth Date: 10 October 1803 Death Date: 5 October 1876 Brigham Young Company (1848), Age 44 Rescue Companies (1856), Age 52

    Nauvoo Restoration, comp., High Priests of Nauvoo and Early Salt Lake City, M251.33, p. 138, Church History Library.

    High Priest Rec, Qrm orgnzd at Nauvoo, 1840, LDS ArcHigh Priest Qrm Rec, Orgnzd 23 Apr 1848, SLC, Utah, LDS Arc.

    Temple Records Index Bureau, comp., Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register, 977.343/N1 K29c, p. 74, Family History Library.

    Birth: 10 Oct 1803 in Futnam County, Georgia; Washing & Anointings: 30 Dec 1845; Endowment: 30 Dec 1845

    Early Church Information File, FamilySearch, image 4743.

    Born 10 Oct 1803 in Putnam, County, Georgia to Stephen Williams and Elizabeth Williams