Missionary Database

    Alfred Nelson Billings

    Elk Mountain

    • Departed From Home: 7 May 1855
    • Called: 6 April 1855
    • Set Apart: 13 May 1855
    • Arrived In Field: 10 June 1855
    • End Date: October 1855
    • Mission type: Proselytizing
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Called From: Manti, Utah Territory, United States
    • Set apart by: Jedidiah M Grant and Wilford Woodruff

    Stories and Documents

    Alfred N. Billings diary, 1855 May-October, Church History Library.

    Contains list of missionaries to Elk Mountain and record of their activities.

    Alfred N. Billings, Elk Mountain Mission, 1855 July 17, General Correspondence, Incoming letters, B-C, 1855, George A. Smith papers, 1834-1877, Church History Library.

    He reported on the Elk Mountain Mission, including company organization and supplies, arrival, and erection of a stone fort.

    Elk Mountain Mission journal, 1855 May-October, Church History Library.

    Record of the company's travel to the Colorado River, establishment of the mission, and interaction with Native Americans..

    Journal History index, 1830-1972, Church History Library.

    Entries for him found under "Billings, Alfred" and "Billings, Alfred N."

    Journal history of the Church, 1896-2001, Church History Library.

    See the index above for entries on his service.