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    Austin Shepherd Merrill

    New York

    • April 1844–Unknown
    • Age Called: 41
    • New York
    • Start Date: 3 April 1844
    • Mission type: Proselytizing
    • Priesthood office: Elder
    • Notes: Attended conference in New York; represented Norwalk, Connecticut branch (Journal History Apr. 3, 1844 p. 3)

    Stories and Documents

    Temple Records Index Bureau, comp., Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register, 977.343/N1 K29c, p. 216, Family History Library.

    Austin S. MerrillSeventyBIRTH: 25 Sep 1802in East Windsor, Connecticut

    Historical Department journal history of the Church, 3 April 1844, image 150.

    Merrill is listed as Elder Merrill on 2 Apr 1844 p. 2.

    Nauvoo Restoration Inc., comp., Nauvoo Seventies list, vol. 2, G-O, 304, Church History Library.

    Merrill [Meril], Austin S.Birth: 25 Sep 1802; East Windsor, Hartford County, ConneticutBirth: Alternate Date: 25 Sep 1822 [cl851, pg 16-17]Age: 42 [in 1844]Baptism: 27 Jan 1839 by Benjamin Sweats [Biog]Ordained Seventy or into Quorum: Seventy: Oct Conference 1844 [Biog]Residence: NauvooResidence: [Utah]Biography: Merrill, Austin S., was baptized by Elder Benjamin Sweats in Erie County, New York, January27, 1839. Was ordained an Elder under the hands of Elder Morris Phelps in Will.? County, Illinois, September16th, 1839. Took a Mission to Eastern Illinois in June and returned July 3rd in company with Isaac B. Hunner.Ordained one of the Seventies at the October Conference in Nauvoo, 1844.Source: 70s Rec, 8 Qrm, Biog, LDS Arc, pg. 1; 8 Qrm, 1844, pg. 4; 8 Qrm, 1844-45, pg. 8-9; 8 Qrm,cl851, pg. 16-17.


    Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register p. 216 Alternate birth date: Sept. 25, 1822 (Seventies List p. 304) FamilySearch Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel