Missionary Database

    Israel Franklin Evans

    Alternate Names

    • Frank Evans

    Eastern States

    • Set Apart: 8 July 1937
    • Departed From Home: 12 July 1937
    • Arrived In Field: 15 July 1937
    • Departed From Field: 17 September 1940
    • Arrived At Home: 1 October 1940
    • Mission type: Proselytizing
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Served with spouse: Priscilla Livingston
    • Priesthood office: Seventy
    • Called From: Coalville, Summit, Utah, United States
    • Set apart by: David O. McKay

    Stories and Documents

    First Presidency missionary calls and recommendations, 1877-1918, Church History Library.

    Letter state that Frank Evans cannot go to the Southern States because of health reasons, dated 5 Sep, 1895. No evidence that he went.

    Eastern States Mission history, 1830-1977, Church History Library.

    See the index in volume 1 for entries on his service.