Missionary Database

    Job Pingree

    Eastern States

    • Set Apart: 8 January 1893
    • Arrived At Home: 31 December 1894
    • Mission type: Proselytizing
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Priesthood office: Seventy
    • Quorum: 76th
    • Called From: Ogden City, Utah, United States
    • Set apart by: S B Young

    Stories and Documents

    Ogden 2nd Ward missionary record, 1857-1917, Church History Library.

    First Presidency missionary calls and recommendations, 1877-1918, Church History Library.

    Letter dated 14 December 1892 accepting his call to the Eastern States Mission.

    Job Pingree autobiographies, circa 1910, Church History Library.

    Job Pingree autobiography, 1925-1928, Church History Library.

    An account of Pingree's life in Worcestershire, England with his family. Includes description of his family's LDS conversion and emigration from England to Ogden, Utah. Also includes information related to his plural marriages, missionary service in the British Mission and later as president of the Eastern States Mission. Also includes a summary of his community service in Ogden, Utah, and newsclippings.