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    John Young Greene

    Alternate Names

    • John Young Green


    • Set Apart: 22 April 1857
    • Arrived At Home: 21 June 1858
    • Mission type: Proselytizing
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Priesthood office: Elder
    • Called From: Great Salt Lake City, Great Salt Lake, Utah Territory, United States
    • Notes: After arriving in Liverpool, John Young Greene was assigned to labor in the Scandinavian Mission, specifically in Denmark, arriving in Copenhagen 12 Aug 1857. Source: LDSBE LR 1140 2 Image 51 Priesthood: Elder Arrival at Liverpool: 4 August 1857 Departure: 2 January 1858

    Stories and Documents

    British Mission history 1841-1971, LR 1140 2, image 51, Church History Library.

    LR 1140 2 Image 51Priesthood: ElderArrival at Liverpool: 4 August 1857Departure: 2 January 1858Probably should be linked to the right page- AH

    Nauvoo Restoration, comp., High Priests of Nauvoo and Early Salt Lake City, M251.33, p. 53, Church History Library.

    This record, found in the HPs records, p. 53, is not confirmed. In all instances, John was listed as John Y. Green or John Young Green to distinguish him from his father who was John P. Green or Greene. The John Green, listed in the HPs records was ordained an High Priest, 6 Apr 1852 by John Banks and Isaac Morley and enrolled in the quorum on the same day. John Young Green was in Salt Lake City from July 1847, and the HP Quorum was organized on 23 Apr 1848. Because of the difference in the name and the later date, this record may belong to someone else. All attempts to confirm this record have come to naught.

    General Epistles.

    "John Y[oung]. Greene"


    Epistle Record lists baptism date as 1 Jan 1835; Family Search lists April 7, 1857.