Missionary Database

    Joseph Stewart Allen


    • June 1839–Unknown
    • Age Called: Unknown
    • Indiana
    • Start Date: June 1839
    • Mission type: Proselytizing
    • Priesthood office: Seventy
    • Priesthood: Seventy
    • Called From: Nauvoo, Ill
    • Notes: ordained seventy by Joseph Smith


    • 1844–1845
    • Age Called: Unknown
    • Mission
    • Departed From Home: 1844
    • Released: 1845
    • Mission type: Proselytizing
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Priesthood office: High Priest
    • Priesthood: H.p.
    • Notes: called to fill a mission: Journal Hist. of Oct. 8, 1844. could not verify this mission from this, or any other, sources. RThomas Price

    Muddy, Nevada

    • 1865–Unknown
    • Age Called: Unknown
    • Muddy, Nevada
    • Called: 1865
    • Mission type: Other
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Notes: Family Search contains several documents that state he was called to help settle the Muddy.

    Stories and Documents

    Biographical Encyclopedia, vol. 3, p.582.

    born 25 June 1810 in Oneida Co., N.Y. Parents: Daniel Allen and Nancy Stewart. Baptized: Feb. 1831 Married Sept. 2, 1835. Ordained Seventy summer of 1838 by Prophet Joseph Smith. Mission to Indiana for four months in June of 1839. Latter part of 1866 went to the Muddy, Nevada

    Nauvoo Restoration, comp., High Priests of Nauvoo and Early Salt Lake City, M251.33, p. 3, Church History Library.

    ordained high priest by Isaac Morley: 11 May 1844. birth: 25 June 1810 parents: Daniel and Nancy Stewart

    Temple Records Index Bureau, comp., Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register, 977.343/N1 K29c, p. 65, Family History Library.

    Temple ordinances done: Dec. 25, 1845. Birth date: June 25, 1808 Alternate Birth Date: June 24, 1811 [slg record] Priesthood: High Priest


    Nauvoo Temple Endowment has only ordinance data.