Missionary Database

    Levi Savage Jr.


    Burma and Siamese
    • Departed From Home: 21 October 1852
    • Called: 9 October 1852
    • Arrived At Home: 9 November 1856
    • Mission type: Proselytizing
    • Marital Status: Widower
    • Priesthood office: Seventy

    Stories and Documents

    Levi Savage missionary papers, 1852 October 1, Church History Library.

    Includes his mission call to Siam and his letter of introduction to government authorities in Asia.

    Mormon Missionary Diaries, Brigham Young University.

    Seven volumes spanning 1852 to 1856.

    Siam Mission history, 1852-1855, Church History Library.

    Of the four missionaries called to Siam, only Elder Luddington succeeded in arriving there (and then for only 4 months)

    East India Mission history, 1849-1914, Church History Library.

    See the index in part 1 for entries on his service. Though he didn't serve in this mission, he passed through India on his way and much of his labors are reported in this record.

    "Levi Savage Jr.," Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel.

    He traveled with the James G. Willie Company in 1856 as he returned from his mission.