Missionary Database

    Louisa Barnes

    Alternate Names

    • Louisa Pratt


    Society Islands
    • Departed From Home: 7 May 1850
    • Arrived In Field: 21 October 1850
    • Departed From Field: 16 May 1852
    • Mission type: Proselytizing
    • Marital Status: Married
    • Served with spouse: Addison Pratt
    • Served with children

    Stories and Documents

    Louisa Barnes Pratt journal and autobiography, 1850-1880, Church History Library.

    Journal of her activities with her husband, Addison Pratt, in the Society Islands Mission.

    French-Polynesian Mission history, 1843-1978, Church History Library.

    See the index in volume 2 part 1 for entries on her service.

    Journal history of the Church, 1896-2001, Church History Library.

    Entry for 7 May 1850 lists her as a member of a group of missionaries going to the Society Islands. Left on or soon after 7 May 1850.