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    Philip De La Mare


    • Set Apart: 25 April 1860
    • Arrived In Field: 3 August 1860
    • Released: April 1863
    • Departed From Field: May 1863
    • Arrived At Home: 13 October 1863
    • Priesthood office: Seventy
    • Quorum: 8th
    • Priesthood: 8 Quo Seventies
    • Called From: United States
    • Set apart by: C C Rich
    • Notes:      1860:  Channel Islands were transferred from the French to the British Mission     

      Aug 1861:  Called to preside over the Channel Islands Conference

    Stories and Documents

    Sailing vessel Antarctic sailed from Liverpool to NYC  (May - July 1863)

    A company of Saints (almost 500) were presided over by John Needham with Philip De La Mare and Samuel H B Smith as counselors.

    Philip De La Mare, Pioneer Industrialist      

    by Leon R. Hartshorn, Brigham Young University