Missionary Database

    William Gant Perkins

    Unnamed Mission

    • 1844–Unknown
    • Age Called: Unknown
    • Start Date: 1844
    • Mission type: Proselytizing
    • Priesthood office: High Priest
    • Notes: Called to fill a mission (Journal History Oct. 8, 1844 p. 4), accompanied Andrew Perkins (Biographical Encyclopedia 2:429) Ordained High Priest Sept. 13, 1842 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois (Elders Licenses)

    Stories and Documents

    Nauvoo Restoration, comp., High Priests of Nauvoo and Early Salt Lake City, M251.33, p. 101, Church History Library.

    Ordained High Priest July 1840, enrolled in Quorum April 22, 1848, ordained Bishop in 1844

    Temple Records Index Bureau, comp., Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register, 977.343/N1 K29c, p. 43, Family History Library.

    Endowed Dec. 22, 1845

    Image 1284 of ECIF.

    Ordained Bishop of SL 7th Ward on Feb. 22, 1849

    Image 1285 of ECIF.

    Died as Pat. on 16 Nov 1886


    Biographical Encyclopedia 2:429 Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register p. 43 High Priests Records p. 101 FamilySearch Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel- Came to Utah 1848.