Northern States Mission

    Founded 1878

    Previous Mission Names

    Northwestern States

    Mission Summary

    The mission was originally organized as the Northwestern States Mission on 6 May 1878 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The mission name changed to the Northern States Mission on 20 July 1889.

    Not to be confused with the Northwestern States Mission organized on 26 July 1897 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

    Mission Details


    Northern States Mission history, 1875-1976, Church History Library.

    Chronological history of the mission containing information about missionaries, members, and units, compiled from mission reports, journals, news articles, and other documents.

    Northern States Mission general minutes, 1875-1930, Church History Library.

    History and minutes of the Northern States Mission 1875-1931 including some missionary tracting reports and conference minutes.