I Am
I Am

I Am

Jorge Cocco Santángelo
Born 1936, Argentina; Residing Texas
35.5 x 25.5 x 3 in.
Oil on canvas
Christ stares directly at the viewer, challenging him or her to see His image in his or her countenance. The Lord called Himself "I am," but He challenges humanity to be even as He is, or "I am." Members of His Church witness they are willling to take His name upon them at baptism and renew that covenant by taking the sacrament—they renew their commitment to be called after His name. "We are commanded to be like Him and with Him," writes Cocco Santángelo, "as He is with the Father."
"A todos se nos manda ser como Él y con Él, como Él es con el Padre; no renunciando a nuestras características personales, sino solo a lo que es impío."