Thou God Seest Me
Thou God Seest Me

Thou God Seest Me

Jeanette Lukens
Born 1979, New Mexico; Residing Utah
13 x 31.25 x 1 in.
Wood cut ink print
Hagar, the Egyptian servant to Abraham’s wife, Sarah, was given as a concubine to Abraham and then later cast away from the community to wander in the desert. In her rejected state, an angel visits Hagar. "Thou God seest me," Hagar acknowledges (Genesis 16:13). Lukens portrays Hagar later wandering in the desert with her son Ishmael, seemingly alone in the vast emptiness but seen by God.
"Hagar stands as a vivid example of God’s love for every one of His children regardless of their situation, ethnicity, or social standing."