in Every Land

From Tahiti to Holland, Latter-day Saint pioneers build the Church all over the world.

The Church in Asia, 1964

Missionaries were first sent to Asia in the 1850s, but the Church didn’t develop a lasting presence there for another hundred years. It wasn’t until the first two decades after WWII that the Church grew deep roots in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

Rare Footage of First Baptisms in West Africa

Ghana and Nigeria in 1978

Rendell and Rachel Mabey brought a handheld video camera with them on their landmark 1978 mission to West Africa. With that camera, they captured some very significant events in modern Church history.

Taking the Gospel to Mexico

Meliton Gonzalez Trejo: Translator, Missionary, Colonizer

Meliton Trejo, a Spanish officer in the Philippines, heard tell of “a group of ‘Saints’ in the Rocky Mountains who were led there by a prophet of God.” He immediately became “filled with an urgent desire to see these people.”

The Armenian Exodus

Aintab to Aleppo, 1921

In 1921, as violence engulfed the collapsing Ottoman Empire, Moses Hindoian worked with Mission President Joseph W. Booth to lead saints from danger in Aintab, Turkey into Aleppo, Syria.

Overcoming Our Prejudices

A Lesson from South Africa

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