Light & Life Stories and Photographs of a Global Faith

About the Exhibit

This exhibit features the work of Church-staff photographers Leslie Nilsson and Cody Bell, who traveled on various assignments, photographing the everyday lives of members of the Church around the world. The images they captured might look like mundane moments in the lives of average people, but Nilsson explains, “I want to find beauty in the ordinary things.” And these ordinary people each have unique stories that capture the human experiences of loss, sacrifice, loneliness, and struggle, and ultimately of faith, hope, transcendence, and light. Bell says, “I have met the greatest people in the world—Latter-day Saints, complete with their strengths and struggles.”

The photographs in the exhibit capture the lives of 34 Church members in 24 countries. The labels provide background information and sometimes a direct quote from the individual in the photo. The exhibit explores the relationship between light and life. Life can be messy and hard, but it can also be happy and hopeful. Regardless of one’s current circumstances, hope in Christ brings light into life.

Visitors can pick up a Points to Ponder pamphlet, which gives some guidance for finding greater meaning in the photographs and stories. Whether you’re coming with a youth group, bringing a date, or visiting the exhibit on your own, this pamphlet can help you delve deeper into the art.

Light & Life: Stories and Photographs of a Global Faith will open May 17, 2018, and remain open until February 9, 2019.