Museum Programs

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Be a Museum Detective

Unlock the mysteries of Church history in this 30-minute activity. Schedule a time with your youth group today!

Gallery Talks

Gallery talks dive into the stories of some of the key men, women, artifacts, and events in the history of the Church.

Evenings at the Museum

The Church's spiritual, artistic, and cultural legacy grows every day! Learn more about the Church's past, present, and future from guest speakers and performers from around the World.

Living History Programs

Step back in time with us during one of our living history days, when you can speak, work, and play with figures from the Church’s past.

The First Vision Theater

Experience the marvelous events of Joseph Smith’s First Vision beautifully depicted on a 240° circular screen.

Teaching Carts

Teaching carts are mobile, interactive learning centers where you can reach out and touch the past. As you visit the museum, keep an eye out for these fun, unscheduled learning opportunities.


Spotlights are short presentations highlighting some of our favorite artwork and artifacts here at the museum. During your visit, keep an eye out for our helpful docents, who will be happy to tell you the stories of these items.