Far West Temple Site


    The Far West Temple Site does not house a temple, but it tells a story of dedication and faith. When early Apostles laid cornerstones there, they showed their determination to follow the Lord’s will in spite of persecution.

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    Interactive Map: Places of Interest in Northwest Missouri

    Explore places of revelation, adversity, gathering, and memorial for Latter-day Saints in Missouri.

    The Whitmer Family in Missouri: Monuments to Witnesses

    Discover stories of testimony and adversity—stories of the Whitmer family, witnesses of the truth who stayed in Missouri when the Saints moved on to Nauvoo.

    Far West and Adam-ondi-Ahman: D&C 115, 116, 117

    These revelations not only identified new gathering places for the Saints in northern Missouri, but they also imbued those places with a sacred past and glorious future.

    Time Line: The Church in Ohio and Missouri, 1830–1839

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    Interactive Map: Latter-day Saint Travels to and from Ohio and Missouri, 1830–1839

    Learn about Latter-day Saints’ early journeys to Ohio and Missouri and later to Iowa and Illinois.

    What to Expect When You Visit the Church’s Historic Sites in Missouri

    Find information that can help you plan a visit to these sites.