Joseph Smith Family Farm

Palmyra and Manchester, New York

The Smith Family Farm, in Palmyra and Manchester, New York, is open to the public year-round. This historic site is located on the 100 acres of land cultivated by the Smith family in the 1820s. Tours and markers on the site tell about Joseph Smith’s First Vision and his first visits with the angel Moroni. They also describe the Smith family’s life on the farm. Tours of the farm include a reconstruction of Joseph Smith’s boyhood home, a restoration of a larger home the family later built, and the stand of trees now known as the Sacred Grove. For information about visiting the Smith Family Farm, click or tap here.

Several founding events for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints took place on the Smith Family Farm. Here God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ visited the 14-year-old Joseph Smith—an experience now called The First Vision. On September 21, 1823, the angel Moroni first visited Joseph Smith in the family’s small log home. Four years later, Joseph and his wife, Emma, lived in the larger Smith family home with his family when he received the golden plates on the Hill Cumorah. Eight individuals, now known as the Eight Witnesses of the Book of Mormon, were shown the golden plates while visiting the Smith Family Farm in the summer of 1829.

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The First Vision: Journey to the Sacred Grove

Walk with the boy Joseph Smith into the Sacred Grove—after learning about the experiences that led him there.

Interactive Map: Smith Family Farm and Sacred Grove

Explore places where the Restoration of the gospel began: the Sacred Grove and a reconstruction of the log home where Moroni first visited Joseph Smith. Learn about other historic and modern buildings that now exist at the Smith family farm.

Life on the Smith Farm

Learn about the home and family of Joseph Smith’s parents, Lucy Mack Smith and Joseph Smith Sr.

The Book of Mormon: From Hill Cumorah to Grandin's Press

Ponder the challenges and miracles Joseph Smith experienced from the time he heard about the golden plates to the time he opened a printed copy of the Book of Mormon.

Early Struggles of the Smith Family

Ponder the faith of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith as you learn about their responses to adversity.

What to Expect When You Visit the Church’s Historic Sites in New York and Pennsylvania

Find information that can help you plan a visit to the Smith Family Farm and Sacred Grove, the Hill Cumorah, the Book of Mormon Historic Publication Site, the Peter Whitmer Farm, and the Priesthood Restoration Site.