Historic Kirtland


    In Kirtland, early Latter-day Saints received God’s law, were endowed from on high, and prepared to share the gospel among all nations. Historic Kirtland continues to inspire and uplift Saints today.

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    A Prophet and a Temple in Kirtland, Ohio: Through the Eyes of Eliza R. Snow and Lorenzo Snow

    Get a glimpse into the lives of two new converts: Eliza R. Snow and Lorenzo Snow. Learn about their interactions with Joseph Smith and their experiences in the Kirtland Temple.

    Interactive Map: Kirtland

    Explore the landscape and buildings that now exist in Kirtland, Ohio. Contemplate the dedication of the early Saints who lived, worked, and worshipped in these places.

    Six Things to Remember about the Kirtland Temple

    Discover interesting and inspiring details about the Kirtland Temple.

    Revelation and Family: Joseph and Emma’s Five Ohio Homes

    Explore five places in and around Kirtland, Ohio, where Joseph and Emma Smith lived—homes that became places of revelation.

    Building the Kirtland Stake of Zion: The Ashery and Sawmill

    Examine the sawmill and ashery in Kirtland, Ohio. Consider how these operations helped the Saints prepare to receive blessings in the temple.

    Interactive Map: Mormon Trails, Ohio and Missouri (1830-1839)

    Learn about the Latter-day Saints' early journeys to Ohio and Missouri and later to Iowa and Illinois.

    Kirtland through the Eyes of the John and Elsa Johnson Family

    Contemplate the joys and trials of the early Saints in Kirtland as you read about the experiences of John and Elsa Johnson and their children.

    Interactive Map: LDS Places of Interest, Ohio (1830-1837)

    Investigate historic places around Kirtland, including places of revelation at the Morley farm and the Johnson farm.

    The Word of Wisdom: D&C 89

    In 1833, at the moment when everyday people started to concern themselves with their own cleanliness and bodily health, the Word of Wisdom was revealed and helped light the way.

    The Law: D&C 42

    Before the Church moved to Ohio, Joseph Smith was promised: “There I will give unto you my law.” Shortly after Joseph’s arrival in Kirtland, he received the promised revelation.

    What to Expect When You Visit the Church’s Historic Sites in Ohio

    Find information that can help you plan a visit to these sites.

    Time Line: The Church in Ohio and Missouri, 1830–1839

    Gain a clearer picture of early Church history. Examine the Church’s growth and challenges in Ohio and Missouri from 1830 to 1839.