Cove Fort Historic Site

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    Cove Fort: A Safe and Sacred Home

    Take a tour through Cove Fort, guided by reminiscences of people who called the place home in their childhood.

    Cove Fort, Then and Now

    Learn about Cove Fort as a representation of faith, dedication, and pioneer resourcefulness, and read about visiting the fort today.

    Cove Fort, 1847 to 1890

    Examine a time line that lists events related to the construction and use of Cove Fort.

    Elizabeth Kane Visits Cove Fort

    See Cove Fort through the eyes of an observant and appreciative visitor in 1872.

    Interactive Map: Cove Fort Historic Site

    Explore the landscape and buildings that now exist at Cove Fort Historic Site, including a pioneer fort and reconstructed outbuildings associated with nineteenth-century ranching.

    What to Expect When You Visit the Cove Fort Historic Site

    Find information that can help you plan a visit to Cove Fort Historic Site.