Brigham Young Winter Home and Office

St. George, Utah

From 1870 to 1877, President Brigham Young lived in St. George, Utah, during the winter months. Beginning in 1872, he and members of his family lived in the place that is now called the Brigham Young Winter Home. From this home, he directed the affairs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Today this historic site is open to the public year-round. The home and adjacent office have been restored and furnished to reflect their 1870s appearance. Tours tell about Brigham Young’s family life in St. George and about his role in directing the settlement of southern Utah, including the construction of the St. George Utah Temple. For information about visiting the Brigham Young Winter Home, click or tap here.

Brigham Young purchased this home in 1872. He remodeled it, doubling its size to more fully meet his needs. While living here, he continued his regular work of administering the Church, including overseeing the construction of the St. George Temple. As the completion of the temple neared, he built an office adjacent to the home. The office provided privacy for him to meet with selected Church leaders to reinstitute temple ordinances that had not been performed in a temple since the Saints left Nauvoo, Illinois.

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