Wyoming Historic Sites

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    Martin’s Cove: Mormon Trail Site

    Many members of the Martin handcart company died in Martin’s Cove, but many more were rescued. Today people visit the cove as a place of reverence, remembrance, and gratitude.

    Sixth Crossing: Mormon Trail Site

    Rescuers arrived just in time to save many members of the Willie handcart company at their sixth crossing of the Sweetwater River. Today the area features a visitors’ center.

    Rock Creek Hollow: Mormon Trail Site

    The Willie handcart company came to Rock Creek Hollow after a grueling hike over Rocky Ridge. This area now features a memorial honoring their faith and sacrifice.

    Pioneer Journeys—More Than a Trek

    Watch this short video to see how Latter-day Saints connect with early Mormon pioneers. Why did the pioneers make such great sacrifices? What can we learn from them today?