Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial

    Sharon, Vermont

    This is a place of commemoration. Here, on December 23, 1805, Joseph Smith Jr. was born. Today a monument memorializes this man who is honored by millions of people around the world as a prophet of God.

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    Joseph Smith Jr. Birthplace: Sharon, Vermont

    Gain insights about Joseph Smith’s heritage of faith, dedication, and sacrifice as you learn about his family and his birthplace.

    Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial: Sharon, Vermont

    Follow the efforts of historian Junius Wells, who helped erect a monument in 1905 to commemorate the centennial of Joseph Smith’s birth.

    Early Struggles of the Smith Family

    Feel the strength of the Smith family’s faith in God and their love for one another as you read how they responded to adversity in their lives.

    Time Line: The Smith Family in New England

    Examine this overview of the lives of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith, from their childhood years to the time they moved with their own children to Palmyra, New York.

    What to Expect When You Visit the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial

    Find information to help you plan a visit to this historic site.