of the Restoration

Howard W. Hunter

Time Line of Life Events

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14 November 1907

Born in Boise, Ada County, Idaho, to John William Hunter and Nellie Marie Rasmussen.


Organized Hunter’s Croonaders, a dance band.

10 June 1931

Married Clara May (Claire) Jeffs.

8 June 1939

Graduated from Southwestern Law School.


Opened his first law practice.

September 1940

Called as the first bishop of the El Sereno Ward in California.

25 February 1950

Called as president of the Pasadena California Stake.


Served on the building committee for the Los Angeles California Temple.

15 October 1959

Was ordained an Apostle by President David O. Mckay.


Served as president of the Genealogical Society.

January 1965

Was appointed president and chairman of the board of the Polynesian Cultural Center.


Supervised the dedication of the Granite Mountain Records Vault.

August 1969

Coordinated the first Church-sponsored world conference on records and the world convention and seminar on genealogy.


Was appointed Church Historian and Recorder.

April 1979

Authorized by the First Presidency to negotiate the purchase of property for the BYU Jerusalem Center.

24 October 1979

Attended and conducted the dedicatory services for the Orson Hyde Memorial Garden and received the medal of the city from Jerusalem’s mayor.

9 October 1983

Clara Jeffs Hunter died.

10 November 1985

Set apart as Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

2 June 1988

Set apart as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

16 May 1989

Dedicated the BYU Jerusalem Center.

12 April 1990

Married Inis Bernice Egan Stanton.

5 June 1994

Became President of the Church.

9 October 1994

Dedicated the Orlando Florida Temple.

11 December 1994

Presided over the creation of the Church’s 2,000th stake, the Mexico City Mexico Contreras Stake.

8 January 1995

Dedicated the Bountiful Utah Temple.

3 March 1995

Died in Salt Lake City, Utah.