of the Restoration

    Lorenzo Snow

    Time Line of Life Events

    3 April 1814


    Born in Mantua, Ohio, to Rosetta Leonora Pettibone Snow and Oliver Snow.


    Lorenzo's mother and sister, Leonora, join the Church

    They met Joseph Smith in Hiram, Ohio.


    Hears the Prophet Joseph Smith preach in Hiram, Ohio


    Awarded a lieutenant's commission at the end of his military career


    Leaves home to study at Oberlin College in Ohio

    Meets Elder David W. Patten of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on the way.


    Lorenzo's sister, Eliza R., joins the Church


    Leaves Oberlin College and moves to Kirtland, Ohio, to study Hebrew

    19 June 1836

    Baptism and confirmation

    Embraces the restored gospel and is baptized and confirmed in June.


    Ordained an elder

    December 1836

    Receives a patriarchal blessing from Joseph Smith Sr.


    Preaches the gospel in Ohio

    October 1838

    Preaches the gospel in Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, and Illinois

    Served through May 1840. Also works as a schoolteacher during the winter of 1839–40.

    May 1840

    Leaves Nauvoo, Illinois, to serve a mission in England

    Under the direction of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, presides over the Church in London, England, and the surrounding area. Publishes a pamphlet titled The Only Way to Be Saved. Presents a copy of the Book of Mormon to Queen Victoria.

    17 July 1840

    Ordained a member of the quorum of the Seventy

    18 July 1840

    Ordained a high priest


    Receives a revelation on the nature of God and man

    12 April 1843

    Arrives in Nauvoo, Illinois, with 250 Latter-day Saint converts from England


    Supervises a campaign in Ohio to elect Joseph Smith as president of the United States

    Returns to Nauvoo after learning of the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, which occurred on June 27.

    January 1845

    Travels through Ohio to collect donations

    Appointed by President Brigham Young to collect the donations for the construction of the Nauvoo Temple.


    Marries Charlotte Squires and Mary Adaline Goddard

    Enters into plural marriage, as then practiced in the Church, by marrying Charlotte Squires and Mary Adaline Goddard.

    February 1846

    Leaves Nauvoo

    Leaves Nauvoo with family members and other Latter-day Saints after receiving endowments and sealings in the Nauvoo Temple.


    Lives with his family at the Mount Pisgah settlement in Iowa

    Presides over the settlement for a time. In the spring of 1848, leads a group of Saints to Salt Lake City.


    Arrives in Salt Lake City

    12 February 1849

    Ordained an Apostle in Salt Lake City


    Gathers donations for the Perpetual Emigrating Fund

    October 1849

    Serves a mission in Italy

    Also serves in England, where he supervises the publication of the Book of Mormon in Italian, in Italy, Switzerland, and Malta. Publishes a pamphlet titled The Voice of Joseph. Served through July 1852.

    21 May 2014

    Organizes the Church in Italy

    Sends elders to Malta and Bombay, India.


    Serves in the Utah legislature for 29 years


    Names Brigham City

    Called by President Brigham Young to preside over a settlement of Latter-day Saints in Box Elder County, located in northern Utah. Names the principal city Brigham City. Serves for many years as a leader in the Church and the community.


    Becomes president of the Box Elder Stake

    March 1864

    Serves a short mission in the Hawaiian islands

    Served with a group led by Ezra Taft Benson of the Quorum of the Twelve. Served through May 1864.


    Organizes the Brigham City Cooperative Association


    Serves as president of the Utah Territorial Legislative Council

    Served through 1882.

    October 1872

    Tours parts of Europe and the Middle East, including the Holy Land

    Toured with a group led by President George A. Smith, First Counselor in the First Presidency. Participated in the dedication of Palestine for the return of the Jews.


    Instigates the United Order in Brigham City, Utah

    9 May 1874

    Becomes assistant counselor to President Brigham Young


    The United States Congress passes the Edmunds Act

    The Edmunds Act made plural marriage a felony and prohibited polygamists from voting, holding public office, or performing jury duty.

    August 1885

    Serves missions among American Indians

    Served in the northwestern United States and the state of Wyoming. Served through October 1885.

    12 March 1886

    Imprisoned for practicing plural marriage

    Released February 8,1887.


    The United States Congress passes the Edmunds-Tucker Act

    The Edmunds-Tucker Act, another antipolygamy law, allowed the federal government to confiscate much of the Church’s real estate. The act became law on March 3, 1887.

    21 May 1888

    Reads the dedicatory prayer at sessions of the Manti Utah Temple dedication.

    President Wilford Woodruff had dedicated the temple on May 17.

    7 April 1889

    Sustained as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

    19 May 1893

    Serves as the first president of the Salt Lake Temple

    Served through September 1898.

    2 September 1898

    Becomes the senior Apostle

    Becomes the senior Apostle and presiding leader of the Church at the death of President Wilford Woodruff. Receives a divine manifestation in the Salt Lake Temple, in which the Lord instructs him to move forward with the reorganization of the First Presidency.

    13 September 1898

    Sustained by the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles as President of the Church

    9 October 1898

    Sustained and set apart as President of the Church

    17 May 1899

    Preaches the law of tithing

    Travels to St. George, Utah, where he receives a revelation to preach the law of tithing to the Saints. Begins sharing this message in St. George and leads an effort to share it throughout the Church.


    Serves as general superintendent of the Sunday School

    10 October 1901

    Death and burial

    Dies in Salt Lake City, Utah, at age 87. Buried in Brigham City, Utah, the same day.