Time Line: Palmyra, Fayette, and Harmony


By 1809, Peter Whitmer Sr. and his family move to Fayette, New York.


By 1812, the Hale family moves into a large frame home in Harmony, Pennsylvania.


The Smith family settles in Palmyra, New York, during the winter of 1816–17.


The Smith family moves into a log home during the winter of 1819–20.


During the spring, Joseph Smith has the First Vision.

21 September 1823

Joseph Smith is visited by the angel Moroni for the first time.

19 November 1823

Alvin Smith dies and is later buried in the Swift Burying Ground in Palmyra.


In the spring, the Smith family moves into the frame home.


Emma’s brother Jesse Hale marries and builds a new home for his family adjacent to his father’s land.

October 1825

Joseph Smith meets Emma Hale in late 1825 while working for Josiah Stowell near Harmony, Pennsylvania.

20 December 1825

The Smiths lose ownership of their Palmyra farm but stay on as renters.

18 January 1827

Joseph and Emma are married by a justice of the peace in South Bainbridge, New York, about 25 miles from her family’s home in Harmony.

January 1827

Newly married Joseph and Emma Smith move in with the Smith family in the frame home.

22 September 1827

Joseph Smith obtains the Book of Mormon plates from the Hill Cumorah.

December 1827

Joseph and Emma move to the Hale farm in Harmony, and Joseph begins translating the Book of Mormon plates.

January 1828

Joseph and Emma move out of Emma’s parents’ home and into the nearby home built by Emma’s brother Jesse.

February 1828

Martin Harris takes a transcript of characters copied from the Book of Mormon plates from Harmony to scholars in New York City and Albany, New York.

15 June 1828

Emma and Joseph’s first child, a son named Alvin, dies at birth and is buried in a Harmony cemetery.

July 1828

Joseph Smith visits Palmyra. At his parents’ frame home, he learns that Martin Harris has lost manuscript pages of the Book of Mormon.

July 1828

In Harmony, Joseph receives his first revelation that was written down (now D&C 3), which chastises him but affirms his calling as translator.

22 September 1828

Joseph Smith regains the ability to translate the Book of Mormon plates.

March 1829

A revelation (now D&C 5) calls for three witnesses to see and testify of the golden plates.

7 April 1829

Translation of the Book of Mormon plates resumes with Oliver Cowdery acting as scribe.

April 1829

While working on the Book of Mormon translation in Harmony with Oliver Cowdery, Joseph Smith receives several revelations (D&C 6, 7, 8, 9).


A revelation (now D&C 10), likely received in the spring of 1829, instructs Joseph Smith not to retranslate Book of Mormon pages for which the initial translation was lost.

15 May 1829

Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery receive the Aaronic Priesthood from John the Baptist; sometime thereafter, they receive higher priesthood authority, the Melchizedek Priesthood.

May 1829

Two revelations (now D&C 11, 12) invite Hyrum Smith and Joseph Knight to help bring forth “a great and marvelous work.”

June 1829

The Book of Mormon translation enters its final phase at the Peter Whitmer Sr. home in Fayette, New York.

June 1829

Joseph Smith dictates several revelations regarding the Book of Mormon and God’s forthcoming work (now D&C 14, 15, 16, 18).

11 June 1829

Joseph Smith’s request to secure the copyright for the Book of Mormon is filed in Utica, New York.

June 1829

Joseph Smith and Martin Harris visit printers in Palmyra and Rochester, New York, to ask about publishing the Book of Mormon.

June 1829

A revelation (now D&C 17) calls Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, and Martin Harris as the Three Witnesses to the Book of Mormon.

June 1829

An angel shows the Book of Mormon plates to the Three Witnesses.

June 1829

The Eight Witnesses see and handle the Book of Mormon plates in late June near the Smiths’ log home in Palmyra.

1 July 1829

Joseph Smith completes the translation of the Book of Mormon in the Whitmer home around July 1, 1829.


After the translation is finished, Moroni takes back the Book of Mormon plates.

July 1829

Oliver Cowdery and others begin to create a duplicate printer’s manuscript of the Book of Mormon.

25 August 1829

Martin Harris mortgages part of his farm to secure funds for printing the Book of Mormon.

August 1829

In late August, Hyrum Smith delivers the first pages of the Book of Mormon printer’s manuscript for typesetting.

December 1829

Printing for the Book of Mormon is completed late, and the binding process begins.

26 March 1830

The Book of Mormon becomes available for purchase in E. B. Grandin’s bookstore.

6 April 1830

The Church is organized in the Peter and Mary Whitmer home. Joseph and Oliver are ordained as First and Second Elder of the Church.

6 April 1830

A revelation (now D&C 21) outlines the responsibilities of Joseph Smith and members of the Church.

April 1830

A revelation known as the “Articles and Covenants” (now D&C 20), which outlines Church organization, is presented to Church membership and approved.


During the summer, Joseph Smith receives the “Vision of Moses” and begins making inspired revisions of the Bible.


Samuel Smith, Joseph Smith Sr., and Don Carlos Smith leave on missions from Fayette.

9 June 1830

Members from the Fayette, Colesville, and Palmyra areas attend a Church conference, what is now counted as the Church’s first general conference.

July 1830

A revelation (now D&C 25) praises Emma Smith and calls her to specific assignments.

September 1830

Joseph and Emma Smith leave their farm in Harmony permanently.

September 1830

The second Church conference, which lasts several days in late September, is held in Fayette.

September 1830

A revelation to Oliver Cowdery (now D&C 28) clarifies who can receive revelation for the Church.

September 1830

A revelation (now D&C 29) gives instruction about the last days and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

September 1830

Three revelations (now D&C 30) counsel David, Peter Jr., and John Whitmer. Peter is called to join Oliver Cowdery on a mission to the Lamanites.

September 1830

A revelation (now D&C 31) calls Thomas B. Marsh to preach the gospel.

4 November 1830

A revelation (now D&C 34) calls Orson Pratt to lift up his voice in warning, beginning a lifetime of missionary service for him.

December 1830

Last members of the Smith family leave the farm in Palmyra.

7 December 1830

A revelation to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon (now D&C 35) calls Rigdon to serve as scribe for the Prophet.

9 December 1830

A revelation (now D&C 36) calls Edward Partridge to preach the gospel.

30 December 1830

A revelation (now D&C 37) calls the Saints to assemble in Ohio and instructs Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon to stop the translation of the Bible until they have relocated.


The Prophet Joseph Smith and John Whitmer begin arranging and copying recorded revelations early in 1831 while in Harmony.

1 January 1831

The third Church conference, which lasts two days, is held in Fayette.

2 January 1831

In response to questions from the Saints in New York, a revelation (now D&C 38) elaborates on the reasons for gathering to Ohio.

5 January 1831

James Covel asks for the Lord’s will, and a revelation (now D&C 39) calls him to join the work and gather to Ohio with the Church.

22 September 1823

Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon ask why James Covel did not follow the revelation that had been given to him, and they receive an explanation (now D&C 40).

22 September 1823

Joseph Smith goes to the Hill Cumorah and sees the Book of Mormon plates for the first time. Moroni instructs him to return to the Hill Cumorah annually until he is prepared to obtain the plates.

22 September 1825

Joseph Smith is tutored by Moroni at the Hill Cumorah.

22 September 1826

Joseph Smith is tutored by Moroni at the Hill Cumorah.

22 September 1824

Joseph Smith is tutored by Moroni at the Hill Cumorah.