General Church HistoryIowa and Winter Quarters Era

Iowa and Winter Quarters Era

General Church History Research Guide

Online Resources:

Church History in the Fulness of Times Student Manual

This collegiate religious manual covers the history of the Church from the time of Joseph Smith to the modern church. Chapters 25–26 discuss topics from the trek across Iowa to the plan to head west. Each chapter contains photographs, maps, charts, and figures. The manual is available on

Combined List of Florence, Nebraska, Cemetery Burials
This collection contains several lists of Latter-day Saints buried after 1848 in Cutler’s Park and Winter Quarters. It contains age at death and death or burial date.

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database

The Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel database is the most complete listing of individuals and companies that traveled west to Utah from 1847 through 1868. It lists approximately 60,000 of the estimated 70,000–75,000 individuals who crossed the plains (new data added daily). It contains biographical information, dates, and personal accounts when available.

The Trek West—

This interactive series follows the trail from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Salt Lake Valley with the estimated 70,000 pioneers who made the journey. It features infographics, time lines, personal accounts, maps of key locations, and original artwork. The website is hosted by the Church History Department.

The Winter Quarters Project

This is a website dedicated to gathering information on the Saints who lived and died in Winter Quarters. It contains biographical information and details about cause of death, charts and graphs, and maps. The website is hosted by Brigham Young University.

Textual Resources (Available at the Library):

Death and Marriage Notices from the Frontier Guardian, 1849–1852

This resource is a compilation of death, marriage, and birth notices published in the Frontier Guardian, a small newspaper edited by Orson Hyde while the Saints were in Iowa (M277.77 D285 1990).

Mormons at the Missouri: Winter Quarters, 1846–1852

This book, written by Richard E. Bennett, focuses specifically on the time period between the Saints leaving Nauvoo and starting the trek west (M277.82 B472mo 2004).

Remembering Winter Quarters/Council Bluffs: Writings of the Mormon Pioneers at the Missouri River

This resource is a compilation of transcribed journals and firsthand accounts of life in Winter Quarters and Council Bluffs, Nebraska (M277.82 R386 1998).

Winter Quarter Wards—Index to Membership Lists 1846–1848

This is an index to the wards in Winter Quarters during the exodus and westward movement. It lists basic information about household composition. It is found behind the reference desk. Ask a staff member for assistance (M277.82 W786 1998).