Eliza R. SnowResearch Advice and Guidance

Research Advice and Guidance

Eliza R. Snow Research Guide

This section provides basic guidance for completing research and includes some suggestions on where to find additional materials about Eliza R. Snow.

Name and Spelling

Eliza is commonly referred to as Eliza R. Snow. However, she was married to both Joseph Smith Jr. and Brigham Young. She began using the surname Smith in 1880 and never used the surname Young. Records related to Eliza can be found using variations of her name, such as “Eliza Roxcy Snow” and “Eliza Roxcy Snow Smith.” Occasionally, the “c” is left out of her middle name, and sometimes the “c” is replaced with an “e,” so searching for “Eliza Roxy Snow,” “Eliza Roxey Snow,” or “Eliza Snow” may yield additional search results.

Church History Library and Other Institutions

For collections held at the Church History Library, the Church History Catalog is the best place to search for materials related to Eliza. If additional assistance is needed, simply click on the “Ask Us” link from any page in the catalog to submit a question. Church History consultants typically respond to inquiries within 48 hours.

Other libraries and archives also contain holdings related to Eliza R. Snow, such as the special collections and libraries at Brigham Young University, Utah State University, and the University of Utah. The University of Utah and Utah State University special collection holdings can be found on Archives West. The Internet Archive and HathiTrust Digital Library contain selected digitized holdings from other universities and collections as well.