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Published Sources (Available at the Library)

Family History Research Guide

Daughters of Utah Pioneers Publications

The Daughters of Utah Pioneers began publishing sets of multivolume books in 1939; there are now over 70 volumes available. The volumes describe Latter-day Saint pioneers’ hardships and experiences during their efforts to establish communities across the Intermountain West; southern Alberta, Canada; and northern Mexico. Volumes include life sketches, local histories, personal accounts, transcribed diaries and correspondence, newspaper articles, and photographs. All volumes are available in the library, and each volume has been indexed. The series includes the following:

Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude

Published by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers in 1998, this four-volume set contains over 4,600 photographs and 8,000 brief life sketches of Latter-day Saint pioneer women who settled in Utah and the surrounding regions.

Conquerors of the West

Published by the Sons of Utah Pioneers in 1999, this four-volume set contains hundreds of life sketches and photographs of pioneer men who settled Utah and the surrounding areas.

A Database of the Mormon Battalion

This book provides rosters of Mormon Battalion members with genealogical and biographical information compiled from a variety of sources. Detailed bibliographic entries and selected extracts are cited for each battalion member. The volume was compiled by Carl V. Larson. The first edition was published in 1987, with an updated edition published in 1997.