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Young Men Organization Research Guide

Welcome to the research guide for the Young Men organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This guide is designed to assist you in finding and accessing resources about the Young Men organization and its history.

The Church History Catalog has many resources for the Young Men organization. Searching the terms “young men,” “MIA” (Mutual Improvement Association, sometimes written as M.I.A.), “YMMIA” (Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association, also written as Y.M.M.I.A.; the Young Women’s counterpart was known as YWMIA), “M-Men” (Mutual Men), “Aaronic Priesthood,” “Scouting,” and other terms associated with the Young Men organization will also provide many results. You can use the Church History Catalog to search for names of Young Men presidents, counselors, and board members. You can also search for ward, stake, and mission Young Men organizations.

Another helpful source is the Church History Topic essay on Young Men Organizations.

Please note that this guide is not a comprehensive list of available sources but provides key records and a sampling of available records. Some sources require a Church account for access. Additionally, not all sources are digitized; some must be viewed in-person at the Church History Library.