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Young Women Music

Young Women Organization Research Guide

Music has been a part of the Young Women organization from its inception—from songs emphasizing the themes of the Young Women classes to celebrations of the centennial of the organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Songs can be found in manuals and publications. Below is a sampling of some of the music that has been used in the Young Women organization. This list is not comprehensive but a starting place for your research.

Song for the 24 young ladies, on the 24th” by Eliza R. Snow (MS 12475)

YLMIA song book (M285.14 Y72 v. 1 1916)

Carry On” by Ruth May Fox and Alfred M. Durham

Sing Glad Heart: A Song for Gleaners” by Vilate Raile and Florence Jepperson Madsen (M285.14 M183s 1946 no. 2)

Young Women Selected Songs: A Song of the Heart

Young Women Camp Songs

Music for Youth