Photo Credits


The First Vision: Journey to the Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove, Jon Holdaway

The State of New York, John H. Eddy, 1818; courtesy of

Smith Log Home, Winter, D. Brent Walton

Vermont settlers ca. 1816 (woodcut); courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society

Maple Sugar Production (woodcut); courtesy of the estate of Helen and Scott Nearing and

Camp Meeting of the Methodists in N. America, Matthew Dubourg, 1819; courtesy of Library of Congress

Smith Farm, Sunset, Corey Larson 

Holy Bible, Smith Log Home, D. Brent Walton

Smith Farm Trees, Gary L. Boatright Jr.

In the Sacred Grove, Kristen Crespo

The Book of Mormon: From the Hill Cumorah to Grandin’s Press

Moroni Monument, D. Brent Walton, 2014

Smith Log Home Window, D. Brent Walton

Smith Log Home, Dusk, D. Brent Walton

Hill Cumorah, Welden C. Andersen

Smith Frame Home, Corey Larsen

Type case in E. B. Grandin Building, D. Brent Walton

Book of Mormon in E. B. Grandin Bookstore, D. Brent Walton