Newly Accessible Collections, August 2023

By Jeffrey Tucker, Church History Library
29 August 2023

Explore dozens of recently digitized collections to enable your research wherever you are in the world.

Below, you’ll find a list of materials in the Church History Catalog that are newly accessible. Consider, for example, the Pictorial Reflex of Salt Lake City and Vicinity, a large collection of Utah photographs taken in 1894 by C. R. Savage, including images of the Salt Lake Temple, Tabernacle, and other landmarks. (For more information on C. R. Savage and his photography in the Church History Library, check out our featured collections article about him.)

This month’s list of digitized collections also includes several sources originally published by other branches of the broader Latter-day Saint movement not affiliated with the Church, such as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, now known as the Community of Christ. Such sources are identified here in their title (for example, “RLDS”).

When a collection has a title that is similar to another collection—as with the multiple versions of Cantiques below—its publication date is listed for clarity. For some of the following collections, login may be required to view them online. For more information on how the Church History Library determines access to materials, please see our access policy.

Newly digitized collections

Audiovisual Collections

Local Record Collections

Manuscript Collections

Oral History Collections

Photograph Collections

Print and Rare Collections

The Hymnal for Youth [Herald Edition, RLDS, 1955] (M291.852 H996f 1955)

The Hymnal [RLDS, 1977] (M291.852 H996 1957)

Zion’s Praises [RLDS, 1903-b] (M291.852 Z79p 1903)

Saints Hymnal [Bickertonite, 1951] (M294.4 H996 1951)

Lieder der Heiligen [RLDS, 1953] (M291.852 L718GER 1953)

Zion’s Praises [RLDS, 1924] (M291.852 Z79p 1924)

The Saints’ Harp [RLDS,1871-a] (M291.852 S157ha 1871b)

The Saints’ Hymnal [RLDS, 1900-a] (M291.852 S157hy 1900)

The Saints’ Hymnal [RLDS, 1933] (M291.852 S157hy 1933; M291.852 S157hy 1933 no. 2)

Songs of the Restoration and Zion’s Praises [RLDS, 1970] (M291.852 S698ot 1970?)

Supplement to Hymns of the Restoration [Restoration Hymn Society, 1989] (M291.91 H997ore 1989 supp.; M291.91 H997ore 1989 supp no. 2)

Cantiques [1935] (M285.2 H99FRE 1935)

Cantiques [1935, #2] (M285.2 H99FRE 1935 no. 2)

Cantiques [1935, #3] (M285.2 H99FRE 1935 no. 3)

Cantiques [1935, #4] (M285.2 H99FRE 1935 no. 4)

Cantiques [1935, #5] (M285.2 H99FRE 1935 no. 5)

Cantiques [1935, #6] (M285.2 H99FRE 1935 no. 6)

Hinario da Missão Brasileira [1947] (M285.2 H99POR 1947)

Hinos de Sion [1942] (M285.2 H99sPOR 1942)

Himnos y cantos para los niños [1979] (M285.2 H99hSPA 1979)

Hinos [1950] (M285.2 H99sPOR 195-?)

The Little Hymnal [RLDS, 1948] (M291.852 S464f 1948)

Hymns and Children’s Songs [1978] (M285.2 H99h 1978)

Hymns and Children’s Songs [1981] (M285.2 H99h 1981)

Hymns and Children’s Songs [1983] (M285.2 H99h 1983)

Hymns and Children’s Songs [1984] (M285.2 H99h 1984)

Hymns and Children’s Songs [1994] (M285.2 H99h 1994)

Hymns and Children’s Songs [2001] (M285.2 H99h 2001)

Newly opened collections (items are accessible in-person at the Church History Library but are not accessible digitally)

Church Record Collections

Local Record Collections