Newly Accessible Collections, February 2023

By Jeffrey Tucker, Church History Library
28 February 2023

Explore dozens of recently digitized collections to aid your research wherever you are in the world.

Below, you’ll find a list of materials in the Church History Catalog that are newly accessible. Usually in these posts, there are three categories of collections: 1) collections already open to research that have been digitized, 2) collections that are both newly opened and digitized, and 3) previously closed collections that are now open for research but not yet digitized. This month, however, all newly-opened collections have been digitized. Consider, for example, the collection of Building Department building Missionary testimonies, 1944, 1956–1965 (CR 103 136). Through the mid-20th century, missionaries were called to build Church meetinghouses throughout the world; this collection records their experiences and testimonies.

For some of these collections, login may be required to view them online. For more information on how the Church History Library determines access to materials, please see our access policy.

Newly Digitized Collections (Already Open to Research)

Local Record Collections

Manuscript Collections

Melvin Orson Allen mission papers, 1928–2004 (MS 32232)

Photograph and Map Collections

Print and Rare Collections

Audiovisual Collections


Newly Opened and Digitized Collections

Church Record Collections

Young Women general Board meeting minutes, 1891–1992, 1997–2008 (CR 13 6)

Local Record Collections

Swiss mission newsletters, 1964–1966 (LR 8884 62)

Manuscript Collections

Clarence E. Owens journals, 1894–1903 (MS 27663)