Newly Accessible Collections, June 2023

By Jeffrey Tucker, Church History Library
27 June 2023

Explore dozens of recently-digitized collections to enable your research wherever you are in the world.

Below, you’ll find a list of materials in the Church History Catalog that are newly accessible. Consider, for example, a Historian’s Office-compiled collection of miraculous events (MS 2696). For several decades, the Historian’s Office (the precursor to the modern-day Church History Department) solicited accounts of faith-promoting experiences that occurred in Latter-day Saints’ lives with the purpose of using such stories in Church publications. This large collection of mostly firsthand recollections is the result. The collection is also searchable by name using a general catalog search; thus, if you search the catalog for a specific person, this collection will appear if they are in it.

For some of the following collections, login may be required to view them online. For more information on how the Church History Library determines access to materials, please see our access policy.

Newly digitized collections

Local Record Collections

Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission manuscript history and historical reports, 1891–1976 (LR 9197 2)

Manuscript Collections

Print and Rare Collections

Statement on homosexuality (M241.1 P976s 1978)

賛美歌: 末日聖徒イエス・キリスト教会 [Hymns, Japanese, 1960] (M285.2 H99JPN 1960)

A book of commandments, for the government of the Church of Christ, organized according to law, on the 6th of April, 1830 (23578720)

The Friend (M205.1 F911 v. 1- 1971-)

Zion’s Harp: a collection of sacred hymns for divine worship / by D.L. Wood. (M291.852 Z79h 1871)

Hymns of the Restoration: A compilation of words only for a group of songs suitable for most all occasions (M291.852 H997or 1930?)

Sacred Hymns (1942) (M293.8 H99 1942)

Hymns of the Restoration (M291.852 H997ore 1984; M291.852 H997ore 1984 no. 2)

Hymns of the Restoration (M291.91 H997ore 1989; M291.91 H997ore 1989 no. 2; M291.91 H997ore 1989 no. 3) [Enlarged text edition]

Hymns of Zion (1961) (M295.7 H996)

Hymnes (M285.2 H99FRE 1954)

The Seagull (M205.2 S1945 1981-2012)

Photograph Collections

Newly opened collections (items are accessible in-person at the Church History Library and may be digitally accessible upon request)

None this month.