Newly Accessible Collections, June 2024

By Jeff Morley, Church History Library
26 June 2024

Explore dozens of recently digitized collections to enable your research wherever you are in the world.

This month’s newly accessible collections article comes with many digitized songbooks, manuals, and more. You may find interest in Samuel Openshaw’s diary of his journey from England to Utah; it also details his travels with the Martin Handcart company. The 1905 Logan Temple Ordinance Worker Photographs contains over 80 images of temple workers, including Marriner W. Merrill, who was the president of the Logan Temple at the time. You can also peruse the many digitized young women’s organization manuals (Beehive, Mia Maids, Laurel) included in this article. Accompany your research of these manuals with the Young Women Organization Research Guide.

Please note: You may need to log in to view certain collections online. Please see the library’s access policy for more information on how the Church History Library determines access to materials.

Church Record Collections

Local Record Collections

Manuscript Collections

Photograph Collections

Print and Rare Collections

Beehive Manual 1 (M257.46 B414 1989)

Beehive Manual 1 (M257.46 B414 1990)

Beehive Manual 2 (M257.46 B414CHI 1985)

Focus: Laurel Manual (M257.46 L378 1972–1973)

Focus: Laurel Manual (M257.46 L378 1974–1975)

Focus: Laurel Manual (M257.46 L378 1976–1977)

Horizons: Laurel Manual (M257.46 L378 1973–1974)

Horizons: Laurel Manual (M257.46 L378 1975–1976)

How Lovely You Would Be My Lass (M288.1 M217h 1855?)

Hymns [Music] (M285.26 H996 19--?)

An Invitation (M288.1 M217i 1852)

Lamanite Songs (M285.17 L214 197?)

Latter Day Pilgrim (M288.1 L364 1846?)

A Laurel Greets Her World (M257.46 L378 1967–1968)

Laurel Manual (M257.46 L378 1962–1963)

Laurel Manual (M257.46 L378 1963–1964)

Laurel Manual (M257.46 L378 1964–1965)

Laurel Manual (M257.46 L378 1965-1966)

Laurel Manual (M257.46 L378 1969–1970)

Laurel Manual (M257.46 L378 1970–1971)

Laurels, 1971–72 (M257.46 L378 1971–1972)

Merrily We Sing (M285.81 R421m)

Mia Maid Manual 1 (M257.46 M618 1984 no. 2)

Mia Maid Manual 1 (M257.46 M618 bk. 1 1988)

Mia Maid Manual 2 (M257.46 M618 bk. 2 1988)

Mia Maid Supplement, 1969–70 (M257.42 M618 1969–1970)

Mia Maid Supplement, 1971–72 (M257.42 M618 1971–1972)

My Personal Progress (M257.42 M995 1978)

My Personal Progress (M257.42 M995 1980)

My Personal Progress (M257.42 M995 1981)

Personal Progress (M257.42 M995 1992)

Personal Progress (M257.42 M995 1995)

The Pioneer Program (M257.5 S955 1969)

Sange til brug for kor (M285.27 S225DAN 1957?)

The Seagull (M205.2 S1945 1981–2012)

The Search for Meaning (M257.46 L378 1968–1969)

Young Women Camp Manual (M257.43 Y78 1992)

Young Women Handbook (M257.42 Y78h 1975)