Newly Accessible Collections, May 2024

By Jeff Morley, Church History Library
10 May 2024

Explore dozens of recently digitized collections to enable your research wherever you are in the world.

This month’s newly accessible collections article comes with many digitized photographs, songbooks, and more. One highlight among the list includes the Camp of Israel Daybook, kept by the camp’s clerk, John D. Lee in 1846. This daybook primarily contains wagon team and lifestock management updates, while it also records the names of those adopted into Brigham Young’s family. You may also enjoy a group photograph of Southern State missionaries during their Mississippi Conference in 1911. And you can read the Temple Souvenir newspaper printed for the Salt Lake temple dedication on April 6, 1893.

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Church Record Collections

Local Record Collections

Manuscript Collections

Photograph Collections

Print and Rare Collections

Canto do Coracao (M285.8 S698POR 1978)

El libro para coros (M285.17 C545SPA 1981)

Farewell Song (M288.1 P9165f 1840)

Hjertets sang (M285.8 S698DAN 1979)

Hjertets sang (M285.8 S698NOR 1979?)

Hinos para coro (M285.17 C545POR 1981)

Hymns (M285.1 H9968 19--?)

Ko e Hiva ʻo e Loto (M285.8 S698TON 1979)

L.D.S. Construction News: Laie, Oahu, Hawaii (M205.94 L364h v. 1-4 1960-1961)

Lydamen laulu (M285.8 S698FIN 1982)

M.I.A. Songs: "Songs for Everybody" (M285.14 M993 1930? no. 2)

O My Father / Eliza R. Snow. (M285.17 S674o 19--? no. 2)

O se pese mai le loto (M285.8 S698SAM 1979

Pep Song Book (M285.17 L695p)

Pese Fiafia / LDS Samoan Mission. (M285.18 P474SAM 19--?)

Revelations (M223.13 D637 Sec 103 1841?)

Sjung av hjärtat (M285.8 S698SWE 1979)

A Song of the Heart (M285.8 S698 1978)

A Song of the Heart. Chinese (M285.8 S698CHI 1979)

A Song of the Heart. Korean (M285.8 S698KOR 1979)

Songs We Sing in the Swedish Mission (M285.18 S698wSWE 1970)

Un canto del corazon (M285.8 S698SPA 1978)

Utah, We Love Thee (M285.17 S832u)

心の歌 (M285.8 S698JPN 1979)