Newly Accessible Collections, September 2023

By Jeffrey Tucker, Church History Library
27 September 2023

Explore dozens of recently digitized collections to enable your research wherever you are in the world.

Below, you’ll find a list of materials in the Church History Catalog that are newly accessible. Consider, for example, “In the Aftermath of Mitch” (AV 2160), a video produced by the Church’s Welfare Services Department about the Church’s aid mission to Honduras in the wake of 1998’s Hurricane Mitch.

For some of the following collections, a login may be required to view them online. For more information on how the Church History Library determines access to materials, please see our access policy.

Newly digitized collections

Audiovisual Collections

Church Record Collections

Local Record Collections

Manuscript Collections

Thomas D. Brown diary, 1854-1857 January (MS 386)

Oral History Collections

Photograph Collections

Print and Rare Collections

Family home evenings: number 1 (M268 F198 1972-1973)

Seminary Old Testament [student manual] (M264.16 S471o 1983-1984 stu)

Book of Mormon seminary student manual answers (M264.16 S471ba 1986-1987 tea)

Old Testament pretest, posttest (M264.16 S471ot 1983-1984)

Old Testament pretest, posttest answers (M264.16 S471ota 1983-1984)

New Testament pretest, posttest (M264.16 S471nt 1984-1985)

Book of Mormon pretest, posttest (M264.16 S471bt 1982-1983)

My personal progress (M257.42 M995 1977)

My personal progress (M257.42 M995 1983)

Personal Progress (M257.42 M995 1989)

Personal Progress (M257.42 M995 1997)

In a Safe Place (1976a) (M285.12 H197i 1976)

Focus on You (1970) (M285.14 C554f 1968)

A More Excellent Way (1970) (M285.14 C554m 1970)

It’s About Time (1970) (M285.14 P951i 1970)

For Time and Eternity (1962) (M285.14 R388f 1962?)

From Miss to Mrs. (1970) (M285.14 A428fr 1970)

A Golden Gleaner Girl (1955) (M285.14 T473g 1955)

CSMP 1970: Portraits (1970) (M257.5 C5364 1970)

CSMP 1972: Keep My Ways (1972) (M257.5 C5364 1972)

Tusi Pese A Tamaiti (1970) (M285.81 T964SAM)

I Bambini Cantano (1967) (M285.25 C536ITA 1967)

Newly opened collections (items are accessible in-person at the Church History Library but are not accessible digitally)

Church Record Collections

Manuscript Collections