Recently Digitized Collections, August 2022

By Jeffrey Tucker, Church History Library
30 August 2022

Explore dozens of recently digitized collections to enable your research wherever you are in the world.

Below, you’ll find August’s list of recently digitized materials to explore in the Church History Catalog. Most of this month’s digitized items are copies of the Book of Mormon in languages other than English. You will also find manuscript and photograph collections, such as the John J. Roberts missionary diaries and record books, 1896–1902 (MS 4856), which document his missionary work in Samoa. Notably, his diaries’ fourth volume contains the most frequently cited version of the so-called White Horse Prophecy, a discredited prediction of the United States’ future attributed to Edwin Rushton, who, in turn, claimed to be quoting Joseph Smith.

The following collections feature one or more items that have been digitized and are available for viewing online. For some collections with copyright restrictions, login may be required to view them online.

Manuscript Collections

Photograph and Map Collections

Print and Rare Collections

Book of Mormon. Japanese (M222.2 B724JPN 1909 no. 4)

摩門經 (M222.2 B724CHI 1965 no. 2)

The Book of Mormon. Russian (M222.2 B724RUS 1980)

The Book of Mormon. Hindi (M222.2 B724HIN 1982)

The Book of Mormon. Arabic (M222.2 B724ARA 1985)

The Book of Mormon. Telugu (M222.2 B724TEL 2000)

The Book of Mormon. Cambodian (M222.2 B724CAM 2001)

The Book of Mormon. Ukrainian (M222.2 B724UKR 1997)