Recently Digitized Collections, November 2021

By Jeffrey Tucker, Church History Library
30 November 2021

Explore dozens of recently digitized collections to enable your research wherever you are in the world.

Below, you’ll find November's list of recently digitized materials to explore in the Church History Catalog, such as a collection of Lula Greene Richards’s papers spanning over seventy years. Lula was the first editor of the Woman’s Exponent and a member of the Primary general board; she also wrote for the Juvenile Instructor, Improvement Era, Children’s Friend, and Relief Society Magazine.

All the following collections feature one or more items that have been digitized and are available for viewing online. For some collections, login may be required for access.

Church Record Collections

Local Record Collections

Manuscript Collections

Photograph and Map Collections

Print and Rare Collections

Sálmar (M285.2 H99ICE 197-?)

Message of the First Presidency: delivered in the Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City, Utah, April 6, 1942

1951 Printing (M243.5 M583 1951)

1953 Printing (M243.5 M583 1953)

1959 Printing (M243.5 M583 1959)

1962 Printing (M243.5 M583 1962)

1965 Printing (M243.5 M583 1965)

1968 Printing (M243.5 M583 1968)

1973 Printing (M243.5 M583 1973)

1975 Printing (M243.5 M583 1975)

1977 Printing (M243.5 M583 1977)

1978 Printing (M243.5 M583 1978)

1979 Printing (M243.5 M583 1979)

1981 Printing (M243.5 M583 1981)

1995 Printing (M243.5 M583 1995)

2001 Printing (M243.5 M583 2001)